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Floppy Emulators on machinery

Frequently older models of industrial automation still use floppy disk drives for data transfer.
But nowadays, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find the floppy disk.
So best solution is a floppy disk hardware emulator that emulates a mechanical floppy disk drive with a solid state device (USB memory stick).
There are many types of them, but you can usually find such like these:

So I share the equipment in which they work great:

CNC / Robotics / Wire Cutting   :  Haas, Abb Robotics, Charmilles, Phoenix
Textile / Embroidery :  Saurer, ZSK, SWF,  Brother
Musical Instruments : Yamaha, Korg, Ketron, Kawai, Roland, Lowrey Organ

!! Important to keep in mind that the USB drive before use must be formatted with a special program.